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Firearms and Personal Safety Training LLC

Stiletto Firearms and Personal Safety Training was created by women for women. We are dedicated to providing a stress-free, ladies-only, firearms and personal safety learning experience.

Our Mission


  • To ASSIST women with firearms safety and basic pistol instruction.
  • To EDUCATE women about firearms safety and ownership, and instill the importance of our Second Amendment Right.
  • To EMPOWER women with the knowledge, skills, and attitude required for a safe and responsible use of firearms.
  • To ENABLE women in areas of self-protection.  
  • To ENCOURAGE women to get out of their comfort zone and compete in organized shooting sports.
  • To INCREASE the number of responsible women firearm owners.

Educating women on the topic of firearms and their safe and proper use helps to mitigate fear and instill confidence.  

Many of our customers have never held a handgun, or may have been tutored by well-meaning friends or family member unfamiliar with the anatomical differences between men and women that can have a negative effect on shot placement.  Tweaking one's stance, grip, and natural point of aim to exploit a woman's unique physiology can do much to improve accuracy, and result in increased effectiveness and self-confidence.

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